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In the 1950’s, women made up only a third of the work force, however, times have drastically changed. Now, women make up almost half of the entire work force in the U.S. Some of the traditional careers women have typically dominated include teaching, office work, nursing etc. However, there are many other careers that women are dominating. With that said, we will now look at 7 of the very best careers for women that can help you to decide on which career path to take.

1. Speech Language Pathologists

The expected growth in this particular career is exceedingly high with an expected growth rate of 27% between 2018 to 2028. Due to this, it makes it it a very promising career for women since approximately 96% of all speech language pathologists are also women. The typical annual pay for this career is $77,510 and you will need a Masters degree as well as a state license in order to practice. A Speech Language Pathologist works with both children and adults who have speech impediments due to various health conditions such as dementia, stroke etc.

2. Dietitians/Nutritionists

Next, becoming a dietitian or nutritionist is another fantastic career path for women that has an expected growth rate of 11% for 2018 to 2028. This job involves helping people to create a healthier diet to prevent and treat diseases such as obesity, diabetes etc.

3. Computer Systems Analysts

Computer Analyst Jobs

The Information Technology field has always been dominated by men, but women are entering this field at a high rate. One particular role that is perfect for women is the Computer Systems Analyst which is responsible for creating I.T. solutions for companies to improve efficiency while keeping costs down. This career is projected to grow as much as 21% from now to 2024. The typical annual salary for this job is $60,288.

4. Marketing & Sales Managers

Marketing is another excellent field that many women excel in. As a result, becoming a Marketing & Sales Manager is certainly one of the best careers for women. This particular manager is responsible for creating and implementing the marketing and sales strategy for a company’s line of products and services. This is a critical role since it determines the actual profits and sales of the company. Most Marketing & Sales Managers are well paid and women typically earn approximately $65,000 per year.

5. Computer Programmers

Another excellent field for women is programming. Now, you should know that there is a pay gap between the genders where women typically earn only 80% of what men earn. However, female computer programmers usually earn 87% of what men earn which is significantly more than the average. Computer programming on the whole is a field that is growing with an increasing demand for programmers. This is because programmers are necessary to create code for various software and apps.

6. Engineers

Next on our list are Engineers. This particular field has the lowest pay gap between men and women where women earn 94% of what their male colleagues earn. The great thing about being an engineer is that there are so many different types and specialties available. Some of these include Petroleum engineering, Process engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering etc.

7. Technical Writers

Lastly, the final career we will look is Technical Writing. This job involves writing technical materials such as operating instructions for various machinery, equipment manuals, appendices and much more. This field is dominated by women and it is quite well paid where the typical annual salary is $71,388.


To wrap things up, we have just covered 7 of the best careers for women in the United States. So, if you’re a woman and you’re looking for a good career, then be sure to consider the options listed above.